We’ve had our head down in Lololand for most of 2020 working away and delivering. We’re absolutely thrilled with how things are going based on customer and prospect feedback. Our core Function-as-a-Service has proven itself well as we’ve built out our Programmable Virtual Private Cloud (PVPC) capabilities and now support 25 on demand data centers across the world. We’ve got low latency, high performance coverage in the US in key population centers such as Atlanta, Chicago, Dallas, Denver, Los Angeles, Miami, New York and Seattle as well as a strong European footprint in Stockholm, Amsterdam, Frankfurt, London, Madrid, Milan, Paris, Vienna and Zurich. In the mix in Asia and Australia is also Hong Kong, Singapore and Tokyo and Sydney.

This means we can onboard CSPs APNs and DNNs from all over the world with speeds that support both consumer and IoT use cases. We’re looking forward to posting demos soon of all the amazing things you can do with a totally programmable, unified IP connectivity layer across every type of connected device and network.

The PVPC (and Lolo) APIs are all up with every improving documentation. And we’ve got some pretty amazing demos, especially in eSIM, where the SIM profile can be swapped from one CSP to another and the entire data plane is completely unified.

To mark the occasion, we’ve taken the time to clean up the website a bit in the second of many overhauls.