We turn your APIs,
Data Stream and
Networks into
Serverless Platforms

Create Your Global Runtime

Lolo can one-click deploys its low code microservices across a hybrid mix of Lolo data centers and AWS, GCP, DigitalOcean and Azure as well as on premise.

Lolo’s Programmable Virtual Private Cloud (PVPC) is global software defined network available in 25 data centers with low latency access to all regional carriers networks. The PVPC allow you to build a global network for all your devices and run Lolo microservices to control fine grained network and device behavior. The PVPC is born for blending connectivity from multiple Connectivity Service Providers and transit technology such as mobile, WiFi and Fixed Line.

Build Microservices

Use our low code development environment to write inline Javascript, use a catalog of existing Lolo functions and your favorite Node.js libraries. The Lolo function signature that matches AWS’s Lamba which results in a node, but offers a stateful key value store, multiple input and outputs in a graph topology.

Leverage a persistent Key Value store that is shared across nodes without needing costly or slow external services.


Once you have any number of distinct nodes containing re-usable logic, compose them them together into a composite function with a name and description.

Composite functions allow for re-usable building blocks to be shared across multiple functions and your entire development team.


Your composite function is then exported along with a JSON schema that can be annotated for a better user experience.

Customizable form widgets, parameters helper as well as OAuth credentials can be support.

Functions are then configured in a Function Set which are exposed as APIs to your Visual Builder or frontend to create visual applications.


Unlike other Function as a Service, Automation and Integration platforms, Lolo is designed to embedded or serve as a foundation for your platform. This means that you don’t have to build you own Function as a Service, Workflow, Graph Topology handling or Integration capabilities and solve for multi-cloud, data integrity and high performance.

Lolo plugs in as an invisible layer to your users and you then build your offering and intellectual property atop Lolo’s streaming function orchestrator.

Execute and Scale

Lolo functions can be used standalone or together in a graph topologies as an application trigger by HTTP Requests, Data Streams or Scheduled Execution. Lolo is configured to point at your favorite Kubernetes runtime environment of choice – AWS, Azure, GCP or On Prem or embedded into the Lolo PVPC for highly dynamic networks.

When a function or application is pushed into the runtime environment it then execute and scales with seamless data integrity and resilience with lightning fast cold starts and extreme performance.

Find out
what you can do with Lolo

Lolo is all about low low code to build serverless, programmable IP infrastructure and microservices across global data centers and the edge

Programmable Virtual Private Cloud

Networks have always been opaque and closed constructs to transport data from point A to B. Lolo unlock the value of the network making it highly flexible and dynamic with low code.

Serverless Data Automation

Lolo creates Low Code, Low Low Code and No Code Data Automation and Integration in an Instant which can be deployed in any infrastructure – our cloud, your cloud or the edge.