Programmable Virtual Private Cloud is the Real Network Effect

The Network Finally becomes the Computer

Networks have always been opaque and closed constructs to transport data from point A to B. And whilst the industry has been saying that the network is the computer, it has never been programmable as the networks were still very fixed and hidden behind reams of paper work, processes and bureaucracy.
The advent of software define (wide area) networks exposing APIs along with the introduction the Service Capabilities Exposure Function (SCEF) in 4G and Network Exposure Function (NEF) in 5G are starting to pave the way for developers to build rich applications atop connectivity.

What Can You Do
with a Programmable Network?

Lolo’s Programmable VPC allows you to build real-time applications atop a variety of network infrastructure to aggregate multiple IP networks and route connectivity based on policies and real-time consumption rules. The ability to build low code applications creates an unparalleled connected experience.
The Programmable VPC’s can bridge clouds, mobile devices and even connect to the packet gateways of Connectivity Service Providers. Each of the nodes connected can be managed via APIs for provisioning, real-time rules and usage controls.

What Makes Lolo Unique?

The network control plane is the nexus point between both customer experience and revenue generation. Historically networks have been closed because there was no solution that could be integrated into your policy and control infrastructure that could handle the real-time control plane that both preserves data integrity and is user friendly enough for most developers without extensive mobile or core IP experience to do anything useful.
The founders, having spent our careers trying to solve complex connectivity and business problems, we’ve always found ourselves wishing Lolo existed to solve months and years of meetings, projects and unmet expectations. Contact us and find out why.