Lolo creates Low Code,
Low Low Code and
No Code Data Automation and Integration in an Instant

Automation, Integration and No Code has become essential to all Use Cases

The success of a platform is rapidly becoming dependent on its automation and integration capabilities. Delivering automation as a pure serverless offering that can be customized by your users through desired levels of low code, no code and allowing JavaScript to be executed is essential to being more than just an API or limited user experience.
Lolo provides a serverless orchestrator for delivering low and no code automation platforms based on function-as-a-service (FaaS) architecture along with an ever growing library of integrations into cloud, CRM, marketing, NLP and ML/AI services.

Bring Your Platform into the Big Leagues
of Data Automation and Integration

Lolo democratizes real-time data integrity at scale and serverless compute over any distributed public cloud or Kubernetes on-premise infrastructure. Getting a platform right is thousands of micro-decisions that can come back to bite as you scale your offering. Lolo is designed as a foundation for automation, low/no code and real-time platforms to let you focus on the use cases you helping your users solve for.

What Makes Lolo Unique?

The network control plane is the nexus point between both customer experience and revenue generation. Historically networks have been closed because there was no solution that could be integrated into your policy and control infrastructure that could handle the real-time control plane that both preserves data integrity and is user friendly enough for most developers without extensive mobile or core IP experience to do anything useful.
The founders, having spent our careers trying to solve complex connectivity and business problems, we’ve always found ourselves wishing Lolo existed to solve months and years of meetings, projects and unmet expectations. Contact us and find out why.