Lolo creates Low Code,
Low Low Code and
No Code Data Automation and Integration in an Instant

Automation, Integration and No Code has become essential to all Use Cases

The success of a platform is rapidly becoming dependent on its automation and integration capabilities. Delivering automation as a pure serverless offering that can be customized by your users through desired levels of low code, no code and allowing JavaScript to be executed is essential to being more than just an API or limited user experience.
Lolo provides a serverless Low Code Application Platform (LCAP) with one click deploy into any Kubernetes environment that is perfect automation, integration and building No Code platforms.

Bring Your Platform into the Big Leagues
of Data Automation and Integration

Lolo democratizes real-time data integrity at scale and serverless compute over any distributed public cloud or Kubernetes on-premise infrastructure. Getting a platform right is thousands of micro-decisions that can come back to bite as you scale your offering. Lolo is designed as a foundation for automation, low/no code and real-time platforms to let you focus on the use cases you helping your users solve for.

What Makes Lolo Unique?

The Lolo’s LCAP is designed to build other platform and has been used by customers to build data automation platforms and internally by Lolo to build the Programmable Virtual Private Cloud. Lolo’s LCAP is designed from the ground¬†for extreme performance and integrity requirements demanded by being a network control plane and controlling user experience in real-time. And Lolo’s LCAP is self-hosting meaning that it is largely built upon itself. Contact us and find out why Lolo’s LCAP is the perfect platform for building apps, platforms and control planes.